32 Things HR Professionals Shouldn't Do in 2022


If you are drowning in HR tasks and wondering why your work doesn't contribute a direct impact to the business, 


Then this checklist is perfect for you!

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What Will You Get From This Checklist?

Your time should be invested to execute human capital strategies to boost core business growth.

Identify tasks you should avoid (obviously!)

Administrative tasks are so yesterday

Method to allow your HR team to be a Strategic Partner

Today, human resources is recognized as a very strategic part of business

Thinking 3 Steps Ahead

How to start thinking three steps ahead, you’ll soon be aligning HR with your business’s bigger strategy


The Sections

Things you shouldn't do in several function:

  1. Hiring Function
  2. Administration Function
  3. Payroll Function
  4. HR Legal Function

Who This Book Is For

This Checklist is made for Human Resource practitioners, specifically to:

✔ Business Owners dan CEO

Make HR team a partner in developing the business; increase company revenue. Not only for completing administrative and operational work

✔ HR Managers

Identify HR team day-today-tasks and develop strategies to move up to the next level and become a business partner that has a clear impact on the company

✔ HR Team

Guidelines to leave HR Administrative tasks and start performing HR tasks that are more strategic in nature.

Book Reviews

See what our readers are saying.

"Checklist ini membantu saya  untuk mengalihkan waktu tim HR ke hal yg lebih penting, seperti strategi talent retention"

Ratna Dewi

"Compact dan lengkap. Sangat berperan dalam mengambil keputusan memilih layanan hr outsourcing"

Alex Hermawan

"HR Internal tidak lagi menghabiskan waktu mengejakan tugas administratif. Pekerjaan harian berulang diserahkan pada pihak ketiga"

Adit Wijaya

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